Savage Family Trailblazers
Special Thanks with Love goes out to Nathan Savage for the Trailblazers History
It all started with with Samuel Savage.
Samuel Savage and Phyllis were the proud parents of Samuel Savage Jr. as indicated on the death certificate above.
Sam left Mississippi and went to Memphis. Nancy left Alabama and went to Memphis. Samuel Jr. and Nancy were married in 1862 after the civil war. Sam and Nancy bought their property in Memphis, TN in 1892 after saving for a long 30 years.  Samuel Jr. and Nancy had 4 children.
The children were Samuel I, Nathan, Lillie and Letitia.
Lillie married Tom Jones and had no children.
Letitia died at the age of 13. Lillie was called (A Sista)
The daughters of Sam and Nancy had no children which mean we are all descendents of either Samuel I or Nathan.
Samuel Savage I married Amelia Echols and from that union they had 6 children.
Samuel II, Sulton, Monroe, Ed, Lillie and Bessie.
Samuel II married -----had 2 children. Carrie and brother by the name of Eddie also known as “Teaster”.
Sulton married Janie and from that union came 6 children.   LeRoy, James who had no children, Sadie Bell, Roscoe, Amelia and Bessie Lou. 
Monroe had a son named Vernon Lee.
Ed had a son named Robert.
Lillie did not have any children, but she raised her nephew Robert as her child.
Bessie had 2 girls named Lillie Belle and Gertrude.
Nathan married Willie Gertrude Jones and from that union they had 10 children.
Nathan from another union, Nathan from this union, Vanderbilt, Nancy, Anthony, Winston, Bumon, Leland, Swissland, Brenson, Willie.
Nathan had 1 daughter out of wedlock and she lived in St. Louis.
Vanderbilt had 6 children. Milton who died from a drowning, Sadie, John Lewis, Louise, Ada B, Vanderbilt Jr.
Nancy had 2 children. Malise James and Ruby
Anthony had 2 children. ******Son nicked named “Lil Buddy” and Devonia
Winston didn’t have any children
Bumon was married to Mary and of that union they had 5 children. Willie Mae, Bumon, Nathan, Richmond and Addie Lee. There were 2 sisters from outside the union. Henrietta and the other is deceased. 
Leland had 1 daughter. Ernestine
Swissland had 1 outside son. Arthur
Brenson had 2 daughters. Pauline who died at birth and Earline.
Willie had no children. 
Nancy passed away and Samuel later remarried Martha. With this union there were no children.
We will explore and add the next generation in the weeks to come. 
Can you identify which line you descended from?
This was proof that the trailblazers could read and write.  Check out the signature of Nathan on the record of Marriage.   Check out his very nice pensmanship. 

This is a 1871 marriage license of the original Samuel Savage and Charlotte Moon.  This was the first time we could legally marry.  Samuel married Charlotte Moon who was from South Carolina after Phyllis passed away. 

Samuel Savage Jr. wife after Nancy passed away.
This is the 1870 Census and the first year in U.S. History that we were recorded as people.  The census gives us the birth place, age, gender, race and occupation of our ancestors.  This document gives us a great deal of our history when dissected.  Here we see how the names were passed down from generation to generation.  Refer to the names of the trailblazers and notice the last generation names start to change with the age of television.  Television now begins to influence this generation when it comes to the children names.
Here are some pictures of the Trailblazers and their children that are no longer with us.
This is a picture of Nathan Savage and his wife Willie Gertrude Jones in 1905. 

This is a picture of Miss Jackson's 7th grade class.  Notice cousin Nathan and Amelia smiling with Fred (Cat) ready for full day of learning and adventure.


Sulton and Janie Savage with their son Roscoe on his wedding day with wife Frances and her parents.


Monroe "Sunny" Savage was the son of the Samuel Savage I and the brother of Sulton Savage.

Leroy Savage was the son of Sulton & Janie Savage.

Sadie Belle Savage was the daughter of Sulton & Janie Savage. 

Bessie Lou Hardaway was the daughter of Sulton and Janie Savage.  

Willa Mae Savage-Wells was the daughter of Bumon and Mary Savage.